joined as the 5th employee, now we're at 50 employees. influenced early architecture and cultural decisions such as the UI and codebase. created and own many key pages such as discover, settings, and onboarding using react, typescript, next.js, django and graphql. launched a cross-platform VR dating mobile app utilizing react native and typescript. charted out a roadmap with story points for each MVP feature within a 3 month deadline to publish the app. the app is now live on the app store with 111 reviews and a 4.5+ rating. lead the development of the web architecture across the company. created a web portal that allowed customers to access their private information (i.e. payment, email, etc.) using react, typescript, firebase, and express.js. developed system to track user behavior using segment analytics, as well as automated the documentation for the AR guide. built an iOS app that allowed users to buy products featured in bite-sized vertical videos using swift and firebase. incorporated social features such as creating and sharing videos, commenting on videos, and push notifications. implemented slick UI using custom collection views akin to TikTok's scroll view. developed several top requested features such as filtering and sorting on the main table interface using javascript, C# and SQL. enhanced complex SQL queries which increased the load time performance of the main table interface by 50%. founded a consulting company that helped businesses with all things digital. this includes (but not limited to) website development, digital marketing (i.e. SEO, social media ads), mobile app development. projects included stunited, circassian education foundation, essential creative group.