hi, my name's sammy. nice to meet you ❤️

im currently a software engineer that works at canal with a focus on the frontend. and let me tell you, i love the frontend.

but i also love a lot more things like: my family, video games, clothing, movies, one piece, and so much more!

i am a huge believer in a lot of things too. one of those things happens to be that we should all be given the power to showcase who we truly are on the web! and i believe the personal website is a perfect medium for that.

im currently in the middle of trying some new experiments out. one of them is figuring out ways to make the website > instagram for the average daily internet user as their "web homepage". but that's hard because of the way things have become. and also because of my limited use of time lol.

and so, welcome to my forever-changing website. i implore you to explore.

enjoy :)